Site Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Seriously, what is it and how can Whole Hog Media help?

Simplistically, Site Engine Optimisation is intelligent use of website content, coding and design to increase your website ranking on Search Engines.

We should first establish that it is important to be listed when somebody searches the Internet looking for what your company offers. Searching the Internet is the most common way for people to find a business or indeed a product.
If people do not find you, they will find somebody else.
Obviously, they will find your competition. You can count on it!

In basic terms, SEO involves placing your website at the top of a list when somebody performs a search on the Internet. SEO also has a lot to do with making sure that when your link is found in a search, people will click on it, read what you have to say, and take an action such as buy what you have to sell, tell their friends, fill out a form, call you on the phone, etc.
These are the things that will produce more business for your company. It really involves a lot of different areas of art and science.

This is where Whole Hog Media comes in. We can audit how well your sites are performing on search engines, draw up a plan of action to increase the traffic generated by search engines and provide you with the results you are looking for.

In 2008 we worked on an SEO project for The result was excellent - the traffic from search engines increased from 28% in February 2008 to 59.8% in August 2009; because of this, the Page Impressions also increased by 50% in the same time period .

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